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Fana’briques is organized by Ritte Ritte Ross, an association supported by the bilingual (French/German) school and Freelug, the association of the french speaking fans of the little brick.
The town of ROSHEIM assists Fana’briques since the beginning by providing the exhibition hall and some other material.

There are a lot of adult Lego fans (AFOLS) in the whole world. For some of them, Fana’briques is the ideal occasion to show their own creations. Belgian, German, Dutch, Swiss and French AFOLS will create an enormous play-room just for one week-end.

2006 – 1st and 2nd of July : First show. About twenty exhibitors, 750 visitors, very nice creations as well as a gigantic 3,5 metre high bicycle built with 8000 Lego bricks.
2007 – 30th of June and 1st of July : Thirty exhibitors, 1500 visitors, a lot of enthusiasm about the showed creations. Remarkable : a real Bugatti beside a “false” one reproduced with 32000 Lego bricks.
2008 – 28th and 29th of June : Third time – we will change the exhibition hall to be able to receive even more exhibitors and visitors.
2009 – 27th and 28th of June : Forth exhibition on 1500 m2 - 4000 visitors and 70 exhibitors have been participated at this edition.
2010 – 26th and 27th of June : Fifth exhibition on 2500 m2 - 5150 visitors and 80 exhibitors have been participated at this edition.